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  • Manage Bookings & Client Information Smoothly

    Manage Bookings & Client Information Smoothly

    • The Visual Booking Calendar screen makes organising your reservation diary, checking availability and accessing Booking information simple.
    • Shared Kennel bookings for up to 4 pets, Group bookings for owners booking in multiple pets and multiple-unit split bookings are handled with ease, allowing you to maximise the use of space during busy periods.
    • Manage the other revenue streams for your business such as Grooming, Training, Exercise, Physio services that are separate to boarding / daycare bookings, by scheduling non-residential appointments.
    • Processes like Creating Bookings and Managing Invoices & Payments are quick and automated, minimising the inconvenience to your clients.
    • Track all charges and payments for accommodation, goods and services. Take advance payment against a Client's account or automatically credit any outstanding balances with an Account Payment.
    • Charge by Animal Size or Kennel/Unit Size, and 'Per Calendar Day', 'Per Night', 'Per 24hr Period', or for 'Daycare'. Wide range of discount & surcharge options including Peak Period & Card Transaction surcharges, and Additional Pet discount.
    • Invoices, Receipts, Arrival Sheets and other Client letters are customisable MS Word templates, and can easily include your company logo and important notes
    • The robust desktop format means none of the frustrating internet performance delays of a web-based application. Safeguard your data in-house with daily automatic backups.
  • Organise All Your Daily Tasks Efficiently

    Organise All Your Daily Tasks Efficiently

    • The dedicated 'Arrivals & Departures' screen brings all the relevant information together in one place to make the hand-over process as quick as possible.
    • Add food and medication requirements, vaccination alerts and scheduled tasks such as grooming, easily as part of the boarding / daycare booking process.
    • Print off Daily Task Lists and Kennel Sheets to keep staff up to date with the requirements for every dog or cat, and Arrivals Sheets for clients to check and sign-off before leaving their pet.
  • Monitor Business Performance & Manage Your Client Base

    Monitor Business Performance & Manage Your Client Base

    • Statistics, Reports and Graphs help you to monitor your financial and occupancy progress on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis
    • Easily manage your client base, from identifying and rewarding your best clients, to chasing unpaid accounts.
    • Mailout Wizard helps you to build a marketing strategy with regular mailouts to your clients, either electronically or using Mailmerge files.

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  • Detailed Client & Pet Records

    Including favoured local veterinary surgery, vaccination history, feeding habits, medical notes, and you can even include a photo of the animal. Add any animal type you like - dog and cat included as standard.

  • Comprehensive Payment System

    Boarding charges and payments are tracked from the confirmation stage right through to completion of the booking. Customizable Booking Confirmation letters and Invoices/Receipts are stored as files, and can be printed or sent via email.
    KennelMaster automatically displays your local currency using Windows Regional Settings.

  • Customisable Reports & Outputs

    Customise the main outputs such as Booking Confirmations, Invoices/Receipts and Account Statements.

  • Database Management

    Full Backup and Restore system, including Auto Backup feature. Export database data and import Client Records using MS Excel worksheets.

  • Login Security System

    Optional password-based security with restricted access to sensitive financial & database management features for lower tier users.

  • Network Connection of Multiple Users

    Connect frontline and backroom office staff together using a Windows Workgroup.

  • Kennel Unit Maintenance

    Maintenance or cleaning periods can be easily scheduled for specific dog kennel / cattery units, or units can be marked as 'Inactive' and bookings swapped to optional 'Reserve' units.

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